Download OS BlackBerry 6 Terbaru untuk Onyx

RIM BlackBerry OS adalah terbesar yang pernah, dengan hal-hal yang Anda sukai (misalnya fokus laser-seperti pada pesan) dan hal-hal yang kamu benci Tapi (seperti desain pejalan kaki dan lumpuh katalog app pihak ketiga.) RIM akhirnya retak layar sentuh kode di sini, memberikan sebuah OS baru dengan pencarian baru, Web, dan fitur media yang bekerja dengan baik pada perangkat layar sentuh.

Berikut Fitur Lengkap OS BlackBerry 6

E-mail and Messaging
BlackBerrys were once the undisputed e-mail leaders. That's not true any more. If you have a corporate BlackBerry Enterprise Server, RIM's email is still unbeatable. But for consumers or "rogue users" with the BlackBerry Internet Service, RIM is now way behind the competition in syncing a range of e-mail accounts.

Media Features and Universal Search
There's a ton of new media features in BlackBerry 6. A new podcast application lets you download and subscribe to podcasts. New music and video players are more attractive, with better uses of video thumbnails and album art. Wi-Fi music syncing lets you wirelessly refill your BlackBerry's memory when you're on the same Wi-Fi network as your desktop PC. And BlackBerrys now sync with Windows Media Player.

The New Web Browser
RIM's new Web browser, provided by their Torch Mobile acquisition, is a major step forwards. The new browser is powered by WebKit, the same engine that runs the iOS and Android browsers. Desktop-style pages look true to life. JavaScript performance is finally viable. Adobe says that Flash support will be coming later this year. The new browser has tabs, it has pinch-to-zoom, and if you double-tap on a column of text it zooms in and reformats the column for easy reading without horizontal scrolling.

Third-Party Apps
There's one big advance for app hounds in BlackBerry 6: carrier billing. The new version of App World included in 6—which is also in beta testing for BlackBerry 5 phones—lets you charge purchases to your AT&T bill rather than PayPal. You'll also be able to use credit cards. That will make buying apps much easier.

BlackBerry Desktop 6
The new OS comes with a new, faster, and more streamlined version of BlackBerry's desktop software. Desktop 6 will initially be available only for Windows machines, though RIM is also working on an upgrade for their Mac software.

BlackBerry 6 isn't a complete overhaul, but neither is it skin-deep. It keeps RIM in the game, but doesn't push them to the fore. Clearly, we're going to see a lot of BlackBerrys with touch screens and keyboards over the next year or so, and they're going to have a lot of focus on messaging and media. The new Web browser is also a very welcome change.


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